Rig floor components and drill string handling tools

Oil and gas rotary drilling rig have several tools at rig floor for handling drill string various components. Rig floor is a platform which provide work space for crew member  for tripping drill pipe into or out of wellbore. 

Driller’s Console:

The control panel, located on the rig floor, where the driller controls drilling operations

Rotary drilling rig crew use various tools for handling drilling string while tripping operation.. let see these various rig floor components that provide support for deal with drill string components. 

Side door Elevators:

 A set of clamps that grips drill sting or casing string to lower or raise in wellbore.

Single Joint Elevators:

Pick up single joint of tubular from cat walk.


Slip hold drill pipe  or casing pipe in rotary table

Hydraulic slip

It is hydraulically operated  slip to hold  tubular in rotary table




Power tong

Power tong is hydraulically operated  tong to speed up making or breaking process of  tubular connections

Hydraulic unit

Its provide hydraulic power to operate power tong , draw work, TDS and BOP trolley

Manual Tongs:

The large wrenches used for turning when making up or breaking out drill pipe, casing, tubing, or other pipe

Cat head

 It is hydraulically operated and used to apply force to manual tongs with steel wire  for make up or break up of tubular connection

Safety Clamp:

 Its set of gripping elements (dies) to hold firmly drill collar and prevent  slipping  of drill collar from drill collar slip.


Stair is attached with rig floor for personnel to go up  or come down from rig floor

Weight Indicator:

 A device for measuring the weight of the drill string.

BOP (Inside Blow Out Preve

It is plunger type flow control valve  that only permit fluid to pump down and work as check valve.

It must kept open on rig floor to be used in well control situation.


Full opening safety valve

It is ball type  safety valve used for controlling flow from drill string in well control situation.

A L shape key is used to open and close this valve..

Chain Tong

Used  to screw in two tubular manually.

Lifting subs

 lifting sub is used with drill collar, elevator is latched with lifting sub and drill collar is lowered  in or pull out  from bore hole

Lifting Cap

It is make up on tubular box to pick up or lay down  tubular with air host hook.

Mud  Bucket


Is barrel type device used around drill pipe to collect mud and drain to flow line while pooh. 

BOP trolley


 It is located below rig, mounted on track guide. It is used for handling BOP stack for installation and removal BOP from well head.  

Air Hoist


It is pneumatically operated wench used to pick up tubular from cat walk.

Cat walk and V-door

 Cat walk is ramp structure from where tubular are picked up to rig floor  by air hoists.

Where as V-door is opening on rig floor that provide access to bring tubular from cat walk  with air hoists

Tricone Bit Breaker

This is piece of equipment which is used to make up or break out tricone bit  from drill string by applying required torque with manual tongs.

PDC Breaker

It is used to make up or break out  PDC bit from drill string.

Rat hole

Is  hole on rig floor cased with pipe and is used to rack kelly.

Mouse hole

Is also hole on rig floor cased with pipe and is used to place drill pipe for making up connection.

Dog house

Used as store on rig floor to place rig equipment.

Flow line

It is large OD pipe which take mud return from BOP stack bell nipple to shale shaker.

Drill pipe circulating head

It is device make up with drill string with circulating hose or high pressure checkson lines for following purposes.

** PT casing through drill string with cement unit

** Performing cement job through stinger.

** For circulating through string to change out rotary hose or wash pipe.

Casing circulating head

Make up to casing string with hose washing down any tight spot (restriction)  while running casing.

Cement stringer

It is used to perform casing  cement job with inner string. It is stabbed into casing shoe and cement is pumped through inner string.

Circulating hose

It is made up between circulating head and stand pipe for circulation.

Chiksan line loop

It is high pressure line used for cement  pumping job  and casing/tubing pressure testing.

Chiksan swivel:

It has ball bearing and have ability to rotate for aligning connection of swivel to make up with chiksan line.

Low torque valve

is a valve which can be easily operated with a bar and is used with chiksan line to Pressure test chiksan line .

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