Mud tanks Miscellaneous components

mud tanks are important rig components that are used for storing mud for oil and gas drilling operation. We will discuss about mud tanks miscellaneous components . 


Is mixture of water and chemicals used as drilling fluid to drill the well mainly  for removing
Cutting and to overcome formation pressure. 


It is located on down stream of shale shaker on mud tankand is used to remove any entrap gas in mud while controlling gas kick

Are used to agitate mud to prevent settling down of solids from mud. 

Mixing Hopper
Used to mix mud chemicals in mud tanks. 

Mud gun

Used to shear/mix   mud in the mud tank it is usually installed near to Corner of mixing tank.  It enhance agitation of mud, Where agitation by agitator is limited, as agitator  is installed in the middle of tank.It can be used to transfer mud between the mud tanks.

Solid control Equipment

Mud tanks also have rig components for solid control like shale shaker, desander, desilter and centrifuge. 

Mud balance
It is used to measure mud weight in pcf or ppg

Mud cup and mud funnel

Mud cup is used to collect mud sample.

Mud funnel is used to measure mud viscosity

Trip Tank
Is 50 to 60 bbl tank  used to monitor well  while RIH and POOH, 

Active tank
Is mud tank from where mud is sucked and pump to well and is same tank where return come back. 

Reserve tank
Is mud tank where  extra mud is prepared and stored and can be transferred to active tank when needed. 

Water tank


Store water for  mixing muds, cement slurry or for   draw work brake cooling purpose

Diesel  tank
Store diesel for  mixing oil base mud, OBM is used to drill reactive shale

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