Know Mostly used Drilling Rig Acronyms

Glossary of drilling report abbreviations.Acronyms used in the oilfield drilling industry.

Drilling rig operation report also called daily drilling report or DDR contain several acronyms. These acronyms minimize drilling report size and make it easy to read and understand. Without these abbreviation drilling report will look massive text contents and reader will feel boring. Let see some mostly used acronyms in oil and gas drilling rig operational game plan and daily drilling report.

DP -Drill pipe

HWDP– Heavy weight drill pipe

DC– Drill collar

BOP– Blow out preventer

TDS– Top drive system

WOB-Weight on bit

ROP– Rate of penetration

GPM– Gallon per minutes

SPP– stand pipe pressure

VFD – Variable frequency drive

SCR-Silicon controlled rectifier

AC-Alternating current

DC– direct current

 RIH – Run in hole

POOH– Pull out of hole

PDC  -Polycrystalline diamond compact

TSP -Thermally stable polycrystalline diamond

RSS– Rotary steerable system

BHA– Bottom hole assembly

bbl- barrel

OD- Outer Diameter

ID- Inner Diameter

CRT- Casing Running Tool

EMW- Equivalent Mud Weight

HTHP-High Temperature High Pressure

FOSV-Full Open Safety Valve

MAASP- Maximum Allowable Annulus Surface Pressure

SIDPP-Shut In Drill Pipe Pressure

PPG – Pound Per Gallon

IADC-International Association Of  Drilling Contractors

SICP-Shut In Casing Pressure

SCR-Slow Circulation Rate

TOC- Top Of Cement

TD-Total Depth

TVD- True Vertical Depth

MD-Measured Depth

MOC- Management of  Change

LCM-Loss Circulation Material

COC-Certificate of Conformance

CO2Carbon Dioxide

H2S-Hydrogen Sulfide

MWD- Measurement While Drilling

LWD- Logging While Drilling

LOT-Leak Off  Test

KMW-Kill Mud Weight

ICP-Initial Circulating Pressure

FCP-Final Circulating Pressure

BHP-Bottom Hole Pressure

MW-Mud  Weight

ESD-Emergency Shutdown

ERD-Extended Reach Drilling

WOC – Weight On Cement

HSE-Heath Safety and Environment

HCR – High Closing ratio

OSHA-Occupational Safety And Health Administration

OBM-Oil Base Mud

 WBM-Water Base Mud

QA-Quality Assurance

QC-Quality Control

OB-Over Balance

UB-Under Balance

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